Competition is good for the consumer!  It allows places to really stand out at what makes them exceptional.

But unfortunately, we have had an increase of clients coming in with bad experiences.  Which really sucks because it gives spray tanning a bad reputation.  Spray tans can (and always should) look amazing!


Even if you don’t choose Dee’s Spray Tan, we want you to know some basic tips in choosing a Spray Tan Artist.  We will go over what makes a GREAT Spray Tan Artist later… 🙂


1.  BEWARE OF THE GROUPON!  Groupon can be great for many things, but spray tanning is not one of them.  Do your research.  We have helped more than a couple brides after bad spray tans using Groupon.  But don’t worry, we have the knowledge and tools to fix ANY spray tan disaster.

2.  Do they have a Facebook page If so, awesome!  Check out the reviews!  and photos!  There should be photos of their work and reviews.  Also take a look at their Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursqaure, and any other social media they may have!

3.  Do they have a website? That’s always a good sign! 🙂

4.  Is the price of a Full Body Spray Tan below $20?  A Good Spray Tan is usually in the range of $20-$200 depending on where you live.

5.  They provide you with at least nose filters. 


Now, let’s go over what makes a GREAT Spray Tan Artist!


1.  They are certified.  Spray Tanning is a professional skill and an art form.  It takes training, knowledge and practice to become an exceptional custom spray tan artist.  It is true that any one can buy a spray tan machine on the internet, but that does not mean they know how to use it.  Machines do not come with instructions on how to spray tan.  The more certifications, the better!  (Pssst…Dee has Four!!)

2. They know about skin types.  There are 6 different skin types in spray tanning and they all tan differently.  They should have a consultation with you on which solution is best for YOU.  We have many different shades, colors, and brands to choose from.  We are not tied to one brand of solution.  And we use all organic products!

3. Your results are consistent. There should be a method and routine that the artist follows that is the same with every spray tan you receive from them.  It ensures that you get the same, amazing tan every time and that they are confident in their skill.  Also, it can be a fun dance routine to bust out at weddings!

4.  The price is always the same.  There should not be any hidden fees.  You should not be charged extra for things like disposable thongs, sticky feet, or barrier cream.  Some of them are not necessary.  We do not use sticky feet or barrier cream.  With our streak-free, flawless technique they aren’t needed! 🙂

5. They care. They are passionate, love what they do, and want you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible!

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