Unfortunately, spray tanning gets a bad rep.  There are places that offer it with “technicians” that have little to no professional training.  Everyone’s skin is unique and should be treated as such.  Professional Airbrush Tanning isn’t just putting solution in a gun and *hoping* it gets everywhere.  It is a skilled art form, just like any other beauty service.


Whether you decide to use Dee’s Spray Tan for your tanning services or not, here is some advice on what SHOULD and SHOULD NOT happen at your Spray Tan Appointment!


Let’s start off with the positive! 🙂


What SHOULD Happen:


  • You are given instructions prior to your appointment for best results, which include: how to prep your skin, what products to avoid, and what to wear.
  • The first appointment includes a Skin-Type Analysis.  There are 6 different skin types and they all tan differently.
  • They ask you questions to understand why you are getting a tan and what YOUR expectations are.
  • They provide you with a suggestion for a shade based on your answers.
  • You are able to choose from MANY shades.
  • Prior to tanning, you are offered the proper safety material recommended by the FDA at no cost to you.  This includes: nose filters, lip balm to the seal the lips, and undergarments.
  • The technician tanning you has at minimum one certification as a Professional Airbrush Tanning Technician.  (Dee has four!)
  • The Spray Tan Room has a booth, or extraction fans, used to filter the air and is clean. We take a lot of pride in providing you with a tidy and safe environment.  Our tan room has two filtering systems!
  • They explain clearly and concisely what is going to happen BEFORE starting to tan you.
  • The routine used to apply the spray tan is the same EVERY TIME.
  • The application process is done in smooth, fluid motions.
  • The technician is focused, but still able to hold a conversation.
  • The tanning process takes 5-10 minutes.
  • They dry you after the tan is complete.
  • You walk out of the appointment confident in their skills!
  • You are provided with thorough instructions on how to keep your tan looking it’s best and lasting the longest!
  • There are no hidden costs or fees.


What SHOULD NOT Happen:


  • There are little to no instructions for prepping your skin.
  • You are not asked any questions about your skin.  Here is where the dreaded *orange tan* comes from!!!!! Everyone’s skin is beautifully unique.  People turn orange from using a solution that is too dark for them.
  • There are only a few shades to choose from.  (Light, Medium, and Dark should not be the only options.)
  • The only question is “How dark do you want to go?”
  • You are not provided with at least nose filters and/or are charged for any safety material.
  • The technician has zero certifications as a Professional Airbrush Tanning Technician.
  • They start tanning you with no explanation.
  • The application feels like it’s all over the place and without method.
  • The routine changes every time.
  • They use barrier cream.  (An expert will not.)
  • The technician is not talking at all.
  • There is zero ventilation.
  • Their airbrush gun is dripping solution and/or is visibly dirty.  This is especially disturbing.  Too many times we have seen pictures of “technicians” working with gross airbrush guns.  **Look at their photos!!!!!**
  • The tanning process takes less than 5 minutes or more than 15 minutes.
  • You feel and/or are visibly wet.
  • You are asked to stand there to dry or told you can get dressed without drying at all.
  • You feel uneasy about how the appointment went.  (Trust your gut! Ask questions!)
  • There is little to no explanation for what the after care instructions are.
  • You are charged extra for basic contouring or items like: sticky feet, hairnets, barrier cream, baby wipes, etc.


Spray tans can, and always should, look amazing!
When choosing a Spray Tan Artist, look for pictures of their work and reviews!!!
As a client, don’t settle for mediocre results for any beauty service.


Happy Tanning!!! 🙂

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