Express Tans are very popular. It’s more convenient to be able to shower sooner and resume normal activities.  Here is how they work:


-The difference is in showering time.
-You can shower it off between 2-4 hours, depending on your skin type and how dark you want to go.
-Everyone’s skin is beautifully unique.  The timing for tans is different for everyone.
-Dee determines the timing for each person. Some are 2.5 hours for a dark tan, while others are 4 hours. This is based off her extensive years of experience.
-You HAVE TO shower it off at the time given. This is strict. Dee always suggests going home after your tanning session so you don’t lose track of time.
-What happens if you keep it on longer? Poor fading and coloring.
-When you shower the tan off, you won’t have much of a tan. That is normal.  It develops over 24-48 hours (everyone’s different) and you will get darker as time goes on.
-Are Express Tans better? In general, yes.  It’s the least drying to the skin to help develop better and last longer.  When it comes to choosing which tan works best for you, it also depends on your showering schedule.

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