I have a wedding in the future.  How can I make sure I am able to book Dee for her services?

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Message from Dee:

“In 2022, I accumulated a lot of new clients.  It’s been really fun to meet everyone & I enjoy it so much!  But I’ve reached the point in my career, where I can’t take on as many New Clients as I have in the past. Once I hit 6,000 clients, I felt extremely overwhelmed & also very blessed at the same.  But I realized something had to change.

I had to up my New Client pricing.  I understand this may be disappointing, but I always want to be the best Dee I can be!  Not tired, stressed out, & overworked.  That’s not fun for any of us, including me!

I want to ease the minds of future weddings, as I’ve had some reach out for 2023 & 2024…

The first appointment you will be a New Client, but after that you become a Return Client! And once you’re a part of our Spray Tan Fam, you’ll be good to go for all your future tanning needs & receive return client pricing!

I just ask that we don’t schedule trials in September & October, they are the -REALLY- busy months of the year.  November – January is ideal for trials, I’m not as busy & have more time to dedicate to answering questions.  Peak tanning season runs February – October.

I don’t know what the future holds and how long I’ll be able to keep taking on new clients. But by being proactive you can:
-Have a trial done early.
-Become a return client & receive return client pricing.
-Be worry-free!!!

I love meeting new people but want space in my schedule for return clients too. This decision did not come easy, but was necessary.

Your Local Spray Tan Artist & Rock Nerd,


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