I’ve never had a spray tan before and have an event. Should I do a Trial?

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In short, If you…
…Have never had a professional airbrush tan before, DO A TRIAL.
…Have have a lot of questions, DO A TRIAL.
…Are really nervous, DO A TRIAL.

A trial tan helps in understanding the “do’s” and “don’ts” about the preparation of the skin prior to the tan, how a spray tan actually works with the skin, and the after care for the tan to ensure the best results possible.  A trial tan will give more insight into the exact shade you’re looking for.  It also provides more time to get any questions answered.

Trial tans should be done at least 7 days prior to the Event Tan as Dee’s tans do develop well and last. There is no discount for trial tans, but you will receive return client pricing after the first initial New Client Appointment!

Please note:  If you choose not to do a trial and go against the suggestions made in the statements above, your results will be dependent on:
-How well you follow all instructions given, and
-The condition of the skin upon receiving the spray tan.
These two elements are out of Dee’s control.  Dee is not available outside of scheduled appointments for questions or if the prep and/or after care instructions are not followed.

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