Dee’s Favs

Support small business! Here is a list of links to Dee’s favorite services in the Twin Cities area.  Dee has personally chosen professionals based on their extensive knowledge, skill, and expertise.  These links are not sponsored in any way and are in no particular order.

Self Care

Waxing & Tinting:
Avante Salon (sugaring-20 minute brazilians, same building as Dee’s)
JAK Beauty
Katie at Stillwater Ulta (face only)

Hair Cuts & Coloring:
Kelly at Salon Ultimo
Hair by Natalea
The Hairdressers
The Hair Tailor

Makeup by Mindie
Becca Lee Beauty

Hair Styling:
Hair by Theresa
Hair by Natalea
Beauty by Heather

Eyelash Extensions: Hair by Theresa

iTip Hair Extensions: Hair by Theresa

Essential Esthetics
Avante Salon (same building as Dee’s)

Laser Hair Removal:
Inner Swan Aesthetics
JAK Beauty

Cool Sculpting: JAK Beauty

Botox/Dysport: Inner Swan Aesthetics

Nirvana Nail Studio
Crystal’s Nail Scene


Physical Therapy & Personal Training: Ashley at Clarity
Massage: Susan at Clarity
Chiropractic Care: Oak Hill
Essential Oils: Essential Esthetics


Studio Twelve: 52 (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle)
Cameron and Tia (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle, Seniors)

Gabriella Dunn (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle, Seniors)
CKS (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle, Seniors)
Purpera Style (Boudoir, Lifestyle, Seniors)
Ester Knowlan (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle)
Julie Greer (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle, Seniors)
Samantha Burke (Weddings, Family, Engagement, Lifestyle)


Planning/Styling/Rentals/Home Staging: Style Society
Floral: Moody Hues
Catering: Lake Elmo Inn

Event Center:
Lake Elmo Inn
JX Event Venue
Hotel Crosby

Formal Wear:
Knights Chamber

Alterations: Golden Needle


Dog Grooming: Grooming with Stephanie S.
Women’s Clothing: Kenzington
Auto Care: Braun Automotive
Home & Auto Insurance: Wilebski Insurance Agency