How do I schedule for a group of people? i.e. a Wedding Party

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NEW CLIENTS: Plan ahead.  If you have not had an airbrush tan by a person before, Dee REQUIRES a trial tan to be done prior to any & all events.  This includes weddings.  Trial tans should be done AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO the Event Tan.  Dee reserves the right to and will cancel if this policy is not followed.

All scheduling is done online and her schedule goes out 8 weeks at a time.  Dee does not schedule over the phone, in person, or block off her schedule for groups.  If you need to schedule outside of the two month window, you will need to wait and schedule when the date you’d like is available to book online.  She does not open her schedule early for groups.  This allows a fair chance for everyone to get in.

To schedule appointments for a group to come in, you will need to book individual appointments back-to-back online.  If you do schedule multiple appointments under the same name/card, be aware that if a “No-Show” occurs, the card used to book will be charged.  It is suggested that each person books their own appointment.

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