Dee has hit over 6,000 clients and is limited on how many New Clients she is able to take on.  The schedule goes out exactly 8 weeks from right now in real time. It is strongly suggested to schedule as soon as the date you’d like is available.

If you are getting a tan for an event, ***with Dee*** the timing is flexible as her tans do last.  You can get a tan 1-3 days prior to an event.  Spray tans develop over 24-48 hours and look best after a couple showers.  For a more in depth explanation on timing for tans click here.  For all other questions, visit the FAQ.

After you schedule an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with all the prep instructions and what to wear.  Double check your email address when scheduling to make sure it is correct.

Dee does not do upper body only or legs only tans at a discount price.  All tans are priced as listed, including trial tans.  After the first initial New Client appointment, you will receive return client pricing.

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