I can’t find my confirmation email, what do I do?

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Confirmation emails are sent within 24 hours of booking the appointment provided that the correct email address was given.  Please search for the email (using “Dee’s Spray Tan”) and check all folders (including spam) from the day the appointment was booked. The confirmation email information changes frequently, therefore it cannot be posted here.  Make sure you can find this email well before your appointment.  It is the client’s responsibility to keep the confirmation email handy and available as Dee has worked hard and paid for the scheduling software to provide all the information.

You can always log-in to your schedulicity account to see what appointments have been successfully scheduled!  It is strongly suggested not to use a hotmail or aol email address as there are issues with their servers being older.

Please note: The credit card to make the appointment has not been charged at the time of booking.  It is only there to hold the appointment in case of a No-Show/Late Arrival.  Please bring payment with to the appointment.

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