I have an event coming up, when should I schedule my tan?

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NEW CLIENTS: Plan ahead.  If you have not had an airbrush tan by a person before, Dee REQUIRES a trial tan to be done prior to any & all events.  This includes weddings.  You can have all your questions answered at that time.  Trial tans should be done AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO the Event Tan.  Dee reserves the right to and will cancel if this policy is not followed.

Dee’s tans look best after one or two showers.  Spray tans take 24-48 hours to fully develop.  Schedule a tan according to your shower schedule for the week while allowing enough time for development.  This is true regardless of how light or dark you want to go.

Brides/Grooms/Wedding Parties:  It is best to allow for two showers in order to avoid rubbing off on your gown/dress/jumper/romper/tux/suit/ect.

For example:  The wedding is on Saturday, but you are busy with the rehearsal dinner on Thursday.  You could schedule a tan for Wednesday.  Showering Thursday and Friday night; or Thursday and Saturday morning.  Regardless of which day you choose for your tan (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), two showers is recommended for the big day.

Spray tanning is a flexible service because they last 5-7 days on average and take up to 24 hours to develop.  It doesn’t HAVE TO BE a certain amount of days before the wedding as long as it’s relatively close (1-3 days prior to) as described above.

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