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You will receive a confirmation email with all the prep instructions-read this carefully and follow all recommendations.  Show up on time for your appointment.  Dee is not a machine, and needs the full appointment time in order to provide the best results.  She cannot be rushed.

For your appointment, keep in mind that spray tanning is an art form.  Dee is very knowledgeable and will ask you questions to guide you to the perfect tan you’re looking for.  Some artistic lee-way and trust in her skills is greatly appreciated and will provide the best results for the finished product.  After your appointment, listen carefully to all after care instructions that Dee provides and follow them accordingly.

Since spray tanning is an art, that makes the skin the canvas!  Hydrated skin will allow the spray tan to develop better and last longer.  For the best results, Dee suggests prepping the skin prior to the spray tan by:
-Drinking lots of water daily.
-Avoiding self tanners, they dry the skin.
-Avoiding traditional tanning & tanning in beds, it dries out the skin.
-Do not get a sunburn.
-Use lotion twice a day.  No lotion the day of your spray tan though!

Results cannot be guaranteed if skin is very dry or has been overly processed from self tanner/booth tanning/traditional tanning causing dehydration.  It is suggested to schedule a CBD Infused Spray Tan or a Moisturizing Treatment with the spray tan for a hydration boost to get better results if skin is dry prior to your appointment.

Dee uses high-quality skin care level products, but hydrated skin will always provide better results!  Let’s make spray tan magic together!

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