Is it okay to travel (fly in an airplane) the same day as getting a spray tan?

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In general, it’s best to tan 1-3 days prior to taking a flight.

Spray tans take 24-48 hours to develop and are drying to the skin.  Flying is also dehydrating to the skin as well.  In order for tans to develop to their best potential, it’s better to minimize the amount of dryness to the skin within the first 24 hours.

If you decide to spray tan and fly same day, it is best to add on CBD or a Moisturizing Treatment to help cancel out the dryness of the solution plus flying.  It is also suggested to do an Express Tan so you can shower sooner before leaving for your flight.  You cannot get anything on your tan and must wear loose, dark clothing until after the shower.  Some of the after care is hard to accomplish successfully while actively getting to your destination.

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