What is Dee’s policy on Late Arrivals?

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If you are late, you will not be seen and it will be considered a No-Show.  Dee wants you to have a really great tan, and that means no rushing.  Due to demand, Dee’s schedule is back-to-back appointments and there is zero room for lateness.  This is also stated in the confirmation email and is a strict policy for Dee as she provides only high-quality, flawless work and needs the allotted time to do so. This is also for Dee’s health.  She is not a machine and needs time to do her job for a long and healthy career.  These policies are in place to be fair and respect everyone’s time.  This allows for everyone to be seen. All clients are VIP clients. Everyone is treated the same and policies are enforced.

The definition of a No-Show within 24 hours of an appointment is as follows: not being physically present at Dee’s Spray Tan for the scheduled time.  Dee provides a relax, calm, inviting atmosphere and likes to keep it that way for all of us.  Dee’s Spray Tan reserves the right to refuse service at any time to any one for any reason. Let’s make spray tan magic together.

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