Why is there a price difference between New Clients and Return Clients?

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New Client appointments are more because they require more time and Dee has a solid return client base.  She has over 6,500 clients and is now limited on how many new clients she is able to take on.

NEW CLIENTS: Plan ahead.  If you have not had an airbrush tan by a person before, Dee REQUIRES a trial tan to be done prior to any & all events.  This includes weddings.  You can have all your questions answered at that time.  Trial tans should be done AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO the Event Tan.  Dee reserves the right to and will cancel if this policy is not followed.

New client appointments are 45 minutes, while return clients are 30 minutes.  During the first appointment, there is an Initial Client Consultation and a Skin Analysis to help get to know you and your skin for the best results.  After you have been seen for your one-time initial consult, you are then a return client and receive return client pricing.

Be careful when scheduling online. If you schedule as a Return Client when you are a New Client, this will not provide enough time for you to get a tan and Dee will not tan you.  The appointment will be forfeited and charged as a “No Show” with the card used to book.  If you are a Return Client and schedule as a New Client, you will be charged as a New Client for taking up more time.

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