We are frequently asked “How do custom spray tans compare to a spray tan machine?” and it’s a very simple answer.


There is no comparison.  A custom spray tan by a trained professional will always look better than the machine, without question.


Why? Here are some of the reasons!  There are more.


1. Machines have one brand of solution which is not organic, in *maybe* 3 different shades.  We use all natural solutions and have *many* different brands, shades, and colors to choose from.  Everyone’s skin is unique.  There is not one solution out there that caters to all the various skin types.  A trained professional is able to give a skin type analysis to choose the right solution for YOU.  Not everyone can go dark, and some people should not go medium.  A machine cannot tell you what shade can make you look your best.  And the person at the front desk can’t either.


2. The machine has to spray SO much solution on to you in *hopes* of getting it everywhere.  And this is where the dreaded orange spray tans come from.  Less solution is best for a spray tan.  When a body part starts getting over sprayed, it can (and most likely will) turn orange.  Orange tans come from the amount of solution sprayed, not necessarily the solution itself.  A Good Spray Tan Artist knows how much solution each person needs to make their tan look flawless.  A machine does not adjust for your skin and body type.  It just sprays a lot in order to *hopefully* hit everywhere.


3. Once the machine starts going, you better be ready for it!  Don’t want your face tanned? Too bad!  Have you seen that episode of Friends where Ross goes in the spray tan booth and counts “Mississippily” but comes out tan only on one side?  We’ve seen it and it’s not pretty.  BUT we can fix ANY bad spray tan! 🙂


From one of our clients, Thank you Jenny!  Gotta Love Snapchat!

Friends Tan

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