Prep and After Care is vital!

We cannot stress enough how important Prep and After Care is!! ??  We are now offering 20% off the products if you buy a Hempz Exfoliator, Body Wash, AND 17oz Lotion! ?  This is the total package for a flawless, long lasting tan!!! ?? We only sell items that we TRULY...

NEW Limited Edition Hempz!

They’re in and we’re OBSESSED!   Hempz Pure Hemp Lotion! yummy, earthy, soothing, ultra-hydrating, goodness!  If you are prone to really dry skin, this is the one for you!  $28 + Tax Hempz Sweet Satsuma Crème & Chamomile Lotion! Fruity, but...

NEW Limited Edition Hempz!

NEW Limited Editions!! Aren’t they pretty?! All purchased Hempz products come with FREE Holiday packaging! The most important action you can do with your tan is MOISTURIZING! And of course, staying hydrated.

NEW Hempz lotions available!

Hempz is the one and only lotion we suggest for keeping your tan looking great and lasting long!   We always stay up-to-date on the latest lotions!   NEW!!! -Sweet Strawberry Crème & Brown Sugar (Limited Edition!) -Blushing Grapefruit & Raspberry...
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