2024 is here, and the lease is signed for 3 more years at our current location in Lakeland, Minnesota at the St. Croix Business Center.  Let’s talk about what the future looks like for Dee’s!

Dee is currently still taking new clients.  This will change in the future and we don’t exactly know when that will be.  If her schedule gets too busy and return clients can’t get in, adjustments will need to be made.

If you’d like to be a part of our spray tan fam, it is suggested to book now while Dee is still taking new clients.  Especially for weddings in 2024 & 2025.  You can do a trial run early and not have to worry!  After the initial New Client appointment, you will receive return client pricing.

Dee is not available outside of scheduled appointments.  For all questions, please search the FAQ.  If you would like to discuss questions 1:1 with Dee,  that is considered a trial and requires an appointment.

If you have not had an airbrush tan by a person before, Dee requires that a trial MUST BE done for Events.  In order for best results, prep and after care *HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED.*  Dee reserves the right to cancel tans, including wedding tans, if this policy is not followed.  Spray Tanning is just like makeup and hair, trials are needed.

January is a great time to do a trial!  You can try CBD for free (only during Nov. Dec. & Jan) and Dee has more room in her schedule.  February – October is typically very busy.  Please try to do trials on Tuesdays & Fridays so it allows room for wedding parties that week to get in.

The timing for an event spray tan is *FLEXIBLE*  You will be fine getting a tan 1-3 days prior to the event.  Tans take 24-48 hours to fully develop.

The schedule goes out 8 weeks from “right now” in real time. Hours are listed here.  All time-off is posted in advance on the FAQ.  Appointments needed outside of business hours or during time-off are considered Off Hours Requests.

Thank you for your continued support of DST & we’re looking forward to a great year!!!

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