In 2022, I accumulated a lot of new clients.  It’s been really fun meeting everyone and I enjoy it so much!  But I’ve reached the point in my career, where I can’t take on as many New Clients as I have in the past. Once I hit 6,000 clients, I felt extremely overwhelmed and also very blessed at the same.  But I realized something had to change.  I had to increase my New Client pricing.  I understand this may be disappointing, but I always want to be the best Dee I can be!  Not tired, stressed out, and overworked.  That’s not fun for any of us, including me!

I want to ease the minds of future clients, as I’ve had some reach out for tanning needs in 2023 & 2024…

The first appointment you will be a New Client, but after that you become a Return Client! And once you’re a part of our Spray Tan Fam, you’ll be good to go for all your future tanning needs AND receive return client pricing!

I just ask that we don’t schedule trials in September & October, they are the REALLY busy months of the year.  November – January is ideal for trials.  I’m not as busy and have more time to dedicate to answering questions.  Peak tanning season runs February – October.

I am not available outside of scheduled appointments for questions.  I have to dedicate all my time to tanning in order to get everyone in. Visit the FAQ for all questions.  You are able to search for the exact questions you’re looking for!  The FAQ is updated frequently and contains over 10 years of questions!  If you would like to discuss questions 1:1 with me, that is considered a trial and requires an appointment to be scheduled.  A lot of time, money, and effort is put into the FAQ and scheduling system.  Please use them!  I am here to offer a service, not talk anyone into the services I offer.  If you would like a spray tan, I’m your gal!  If you’re on the fence, schedule a trial!

I don’t know what the future holds and how long I’ll be able to keep taking on new clients. BUT by being proactive you can:
-Have a trial done early.
-Become a return client and receive return client pricing.
-Be worry-free!!!

I love meeting new people but want space in my schedule for return clients too. This decision did not come easy, but was necessary.

Your Local Spray Tan Artist & Rock Nerd,



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