New Service Added: CBD Infused Spray Tans!

NEW SERVICE ADDED: CBD Infused Spray Tans are now available!!! Prices are for all clients (return & new). CBD Infused Full Body-$70 CBD Infused Express Full Body-$90 Skin care benefits of CBD: Helps restore balance so skin feels ***hydrated*** without becoming...

Technique is EVERYTHING!

We get asked a lot what solution we use.  The solution is not what makes a spray tan look great, it’s all about TECHNIQUE! (By the way, we don’t use just one solution for everyone.  Everyone’s skin is beautifully unique and we have many solutions to...

What SHOULD Happen vs What SHOULD NOT

Unfortunately, spray tanning gets a bad rep.  There are places that offer it with “technicians” that have little to no professional training.  Everyone’s skin is unique and should be treated as such.  Professional Airbrush Tanning isn’t just...

Dee’s Spray Tanning Room!

Dee provides a comfortable and private room for the spray tanning process along with great ventilation! The walls connect to the ceiling, no half salon walls!   You can feel safe tanning the health way!  Spray, don’t lay! 🙂
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