Hempz is the only product line that we stand behind for spray tanning.  It is formulated to help keep your tan looking it’s best and lasting!  Do not buy online from sites like Ebay or Amazon.  Those are most likely fakes and contain different ingredients that may turn your tan a different color or strip it!  Many people have asked what Dee uses and recommends, and this is it!  So we thought we would have it in the studio since there was such high demand 🙂  No sales gimmicks here, this is the real deal folks!  The only Body Wash we suggest!


Dee’s Top 5 Picks:

  1. Age Defying-need we say more? 🙂
  2. Triple Moisture-Formulated for really dry skin and don’t have to use it as often!
  3. Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon-It smells like a smoothie you could eat, SO GOOD!
  4. Sensitive Skin-this is so soothing, especially for mosquito bites!
  5. Goji Orange Lemonade-Summer in a bottle!

but really, all of them are amazing! <3

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