We are so excited to announce that Megan has completed her training and is now a Certified Professional Airbrush Tanning Technician! WOOO! Dee has personally trained Megan hands-on and thoroughly. She tans just like Dee!
Dee has a Master’s Certification and a large return clientele that keeps her very busy. We added Megan to the team in order to provide more availability and still offer amazing tans at a great price! Our schedules are available online.
New client appointments are now priced as follows:
Tan by Dee: $45
Tan by Megan: $35
Express Tan by Dee: $55
Express Tan by Megan: $45
To Schedule an Appointment with Dee or Megan go here!
All new clients that were originally scheduled at $35, your appointments have been noted and you will stay at $35:) If you are a return client, good news! You will stay at the original price you received at your first appointment with us! Thank you for your continued support! <3
Check out this Handsome Before and Handsome After of a tan done by Megan! Thanks for modeling for us Tony!
Tony Model for Megan Dee's Spray Tan2
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